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Our flying schools located in Saarmund, Schönhagen and Altes Lager offer flying lessons for Flex-wing aircraft or Fixed-wing aircraft.

Consult with our event and celebration services for your catering, champagne receptions and guided flight tour needs. Our service is available for all occasions – family events, business meetings, club and association affairs.

We are happy to support your publicity strategies with banner ads in full view as we fly over Potsdam and the Brandenburg countryside. This can increase image and brand awareness of your business.

We offer our hang-glider towing service in Altes Lager. Our EAGLE trikes can be chartered from Saarmund and Altes Lager. In Altes Lager “Viper”planes are also available. Are you looking for a location to store your flying equipment? In Altes Lager we offer you different options. Contact us!

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